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Lance Thornblad


Short-term contract position as a senior technical artist. I can work remotely or on site.
Titles Shipped:

  EQ-Dragons of Norrath
  EQ-Depths of Darkhollow
  EQ-Prophecy of Ro
  EQ-The Serpents Spine
  EQ-The Buried Sea
  EQ-Secrets of Faydwer
  EQ-Seeds of Destruction

After transferring to the San Diego division of Sony Online, I was assigned to the Everquest Live team in 2004 as an environmental artist. I rewrote the environmental pipeline, including all HLSL shaders and the exporter. About six months in, I assumed the character lead position and rewrote the character art pipeline, including skin and animation exporters. I spent the next five years managing the in-house team and later, outsourcing to China, Taiwan, and the Ukraine.
  Planetside (PC)
  PS-Core Combat

Joined the St. Louis division of Sony Online Entertainment in 2000 as a general modeler/texturer. I spent nearly four years modeling, texturing, and lighting environments, as well as scripting the environmental pipeline that we used.

  Jack Nicklaus Golf (PC)
  Bart's Nightmare (SNES)
  Super Star Wars (SNES)
  WWF Wrestlemania (SNES)
  NCAA Basketball (SNES)
  RobinHood (NES)
Spent nearly four years with Sculptured Software pixel pushing, scanning and retouching, and creating some of the earliest 3d content seen in video games. Created sprites and tiled backgrounds for many old school game consoles (Nintendo, Genesis, GameBoy, SNES, etc.), as well as for the Amiga and PC and I think there might have been a Mac game in there somewhere.


20 years art and animation experience developing 2d and 3d games.
9 years scripting tools to streamline art pipelines (MaxScript).
5 years writing GLSL and HLSL shaders, the latter for use in 3ds Max.
Very proficient in 3ds Max and Photoshop, some experience with Maya.
Very knowledgeable about 3d engines and art pipelines.